Rachel Jacobs

Sales Administration

Rachel has joined our team to support the seamless functioning of our sales administration processes. A highly organised professional with superb attention to detail, Rachel is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Renowned for her customer-centric approach and friendly character, she nurtures meaningful interactions and long-lasting relationships.
With over 25 years of extensive experience in administration and customer service within the banking and finance sector, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every task. Throughout her career, Rachel has committed herself to ensuring outstanding client relations. This guarantees smooth operations and fosters trust through diligent focus on detail and proactive problem-solving.
Outside of Rachel's work pursuits, she cherishes moments with family, indulges in her passion for cooking, explores new destinations through travel, immerses herself in the vibrant atmosphere of concerts and theatre, and finds solace and rejuvenation through Pilates. Balancing work and leisure with equal enthusiasm, Rachel brings a well-rounded perspective and energy to all aspects of her life.